About Me


For over 30 years, Rosemarie has acted as a trusted advisor to professionals and friends, helping them improve their lives through her practical tips and encouragement.  Her passion is for everyone to discover their natural gifts and talents, and to develop a doable plan of action to apply to their life's calling.    

"Lead with your Strengths" is her maxim.  When you do, you will find the fulfillment you deserve.   

Rosemarie's experience includes years as an entrepreneur, and working in the corporate sector as a senior consultant and advisor to companies in the New York metropolitan area.  She has been a keynote speaker on numerous occasions and has been a Board Member for several organizations.  During her career, Rosemarie has been published and quoted in newspapers and magazines.

Rosemarie is now focusing her life on her passion - helping people realize their potential, and awaken their dreams.    

                            "The Best is Yet Ahead of You."